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An automobile is one of the largest investments you make today. When your automobile needs to be repaired, you want to be assured you will be treated fairly and with respect, and that your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition. This page is designed to give you information about your rights as a consumer and about steps in choosing a reputable repair facility.


You are entitled to have your automobile inspected by the insurance adjuster at the facility of your choice. If it is not one of Ken’s Body Shop’s direct repair/appraisal insurance companies, make arrangements to have your automobile inspected only at Ken’s Body Shop. We will act as your representative and negotiate directly with your insurance company to reach an agreed upon price to repair your automobile to pre-accident condition.

Your insurance company cannot ask for more than one estimate. Your time is more important and shopping for multiple estimates may not put your time to best use.

Your insurance company has six days after notification of your collision to inspect your car, and to make a reasonable offer within five days of that inspection.

The insurance company must give you or your representative a copy of the detailed estimate at the time your car is inspected.

Making sure you know what is happening every step of the way during the repair process is the best way to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results. We have compiled a list of questions that will help in choosing a quality body shop:

Choosing a quality body shop

  1. Proper training
    Is your shop an I-CAR Gold Class Certified Shop?
    Benefits to you: Having your car repaired at an I-CAR Gold Class shop could mean the difference between a factory correct safe repair and an unsatisfactory, dangerous repair. As technology changes so do the industry standard methods of repairing your automobile. With our employees’ I-CAR Gold Class training you can be sure your vehicle is in the hands of qualified technicians who are using the most current and safe methods of repair.
  2. Proper equipment
    Does your shop have a spray bake booth?
    Does your shop have a frame machine with computerized 3-dimensional measuring capabilities that can document repair accuracy?
    Can your shop perform computerized four-wheel alignments that can document repair accuracy?
    Benefits to you:
    Using a paint spray bake booth ensures that your paint will be applied correctly in a dust free environment and the finish will match the texture, color, and quality of the original paintwork.
    The frame machine with computerized measuring can provide you with a color document assuring you the frame is accurate to factory specifications.
    The computerized four-wheel aligner can provide you with a document assuring you the alignment is accurate to factory specifications.
  3. References
    Can the body shop provide a list of customer or trade references?
    Benefits to you:
    The fact that the body shop has references available means it is serious about its commitment to customer satisfaction and will stand behind its work.
  4. Hourly vs. per job pay structure for technicians.
    Does the shop pay its technicians hourly or by the job?
    Benefits to you:
    Technicians who are paid hourly have nothing to gain by rushing the job and cutting corners. Always choose a shop that compensates its technicians on an hourly basis.
  5. Advocate for the customer with the insurance company
    What role will the shop play if the insurance company does not do what is in your best interest as the consumer?
    Benefits to you:
    You are looking for the shop to professionally represent you and your interests to the insurance company.
  6. Professionalism
    Does the staff treat you with respect and seem to genuinely care about you and properly repairing your vehicle?
    Is the manager readily available to answer any questions and provide information you may need?
    Benefits to you:
    Integrity, honesty, and professionalism are by far the most important factors in choosing your repair facility. Even the best-trained technician with the best available equipment can do a bad job if he lacks integrity. Talk to the manager/owner if possible, ask questions, and go with the place you trust. If the shop answers your questions to your complete satisfaction, they are concerned about you and repairing the vehicle properly. Look for a shop that will keep you informed throughout the process.
  7. Lifetime warranty
    Does your shop offer a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and refinish?
    Benefits to you:
    A lifetime warranty, particularly one in writing, assures you that, should you have a problem, you can always return and the shop will address your concerns.
  8. Automated “smart” estimating
    Does the shop have a computerized “smart” estimating system, which automatically calculates times and deducts for overlap?
    Benefits to you:
    Computerized “smart” estimating helps assure that an estimate is written in the same language as the insurance industry. Thus, there is less chance of conflict over the output. This can mean a faster settlement.

If you would like to receive more information on how to protect your investment, or have a specific question, email us at or call us at (315)343-6611.

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